Dictatorship In Favor of Animalia: a Manifesto




The goal of any government should be equality among its captives. I don't mean "captives" in an inherently oppressive manner, so much as by being within borders of a country, you are by definition a captive. This would apply to any species of animal, rather than being limited to the homo sapien animal. The captives, when other-than-homo sapien, should be left to live out their lives as long and painlessly as possible. I needed to stress the "painlessly" because I am NOT advocating that we let strays roam the wild, rather than housing them and therefore giving them a steady supply of food and drinking water. I meant stray domesticated (dogs/cats) by strays.


The human beings held captive by this new government will, ideally, have their needs met in a communistic manner. My complaints with the world are:


I can see it now, some dumbass is going to think I believe in god. In that case, congratulations for missing the point! Because I'm an athiest. Allow me to say what exactly makes someone who is an athiest AND who simultaneously insults the cause of veganism, even after being educated of its moral necessity, pure fucking evil. They are aware there is little chance of an afterlife, see the lifelong torture of victims of animal cruelty, and THEN, still FIND a way, to make shits and giggles out of belittling the lives of those animals. If that doesn't qualify them as a psychopath, that pretty-fucking-much qualifies them as a psychopath.


And I'm not talking about generally non-vegan athiests, but ANTI-vegan atheists past the age of 25 years old.


The goal of any government should be equality among its captives. Equality of rewarding, or punishing, those committing the same actions at the same ages as each other (those doing the same acts at the same ages). In the past century, we have learned that the human brain is not developed in terms of emotional maturity and moral reasoning until 25 years of age. For this reason, nobody committing heinous offenses, or heinous according to an ideal government, while they are younger than 25 should be executed for them. Having said that, they can be placed under house arrest in my sort of dictatorship - in a house separated from any family members of theirs, so they have noone left to victimize... based on previous experiences...



The Grand Vision: On a More Positive Note




Art is left uncensored, in my ideal society. No matter how, in a piece of art's message, anti-vegan, pro-jock, or racist it might be, it remains a message contained within a fictional world. At the same time, nonfiction is going to be censored of undesirable messages. Art, here, would be defined as music, imagery, literature, comics, fiction shows, or fiction radio shows, as well as anything else depicting fiction or abstract, rather than real-world-referencing, depiction.


Victims of sex trafficking, when making it to this dictatorship, will - assuming we know how they were victimized - live in luxury to help compensate for the hell they went through.


You are never separated from the helpful eyes of the Revolutionary Guards' surveillance - unless you're in wilderness.


All human citizens will be supplied with vegan food to meet each of their specific needs, nutritionally speaking. Tap water will not be cloudy, although we may put trace minerals in it for the betterment of everyone... As long as it is safe for dogs and cats. Healthcare for humans, and, hopefully, dogs and cats, will be socialized. Education will be, as well. When not in times of crisis, education will receive the most funding. Shelter will be made available for all the needy humans.


The government will be able to test someone into a particular occupation. This will make the unemployment rate of autistic individuals and the generally discriminated plummet. They will not force someone into a job, however. Your job is your token of entertainment, which you can reach the proper education to obtain, if you have enough time on your hands, but if you're really out of fortune or time, you'll still be kept alive.


The society will be non-polluting, at least in general.


Any violent offenders, in correction facilities, will be kept away, i. e. in facilities separate from, nonviolent criminals.


Mental health care will be socialized, if I must specify.


Neighborhoods will be equally maintained and looked after. Food quality will be the same throughout the nation, although luxury food items (snacks, or fine dining - both, really) may cost you.


Water transfer will be of the same quality throughout civilization.


Public transport will be widely available.


Where Should This Country Be Located?




Anywhere possible. As long as there is enough space to grow the food needed to keep ourselves from starving (without resorting to raising animals for their flesh), my ideal government probably could work. Also, guns should never be confiscated from the general population, because I don't want the government to become too self-serving. A country where the people don't have guns is one where I, or any other ruler, could not be kept in line, sadly.


Who is Eligible to be the Leader?




Non-psychopath humans above 25 who can demonstrate the ability to think critically and care for Animalia. Things that do not matter: gender, ethnicity, culture, or nationality of potential leader.


Their role will be to keep an eye on lower-level government leaders, to come up with solutions to national crises or ask the people for help with that, and to monitor the department responsible for ideological purity of the citizens. Also, they will look through surveillance as they see fit, alongside the Revolutionary Guard.






































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