Centralized Web Directory

1) A website a lot like old school MySpace: spacehey.com

2) For those who want to see a kind of page similar in messages to mine but also favoring free speech... I like this site enough to consider the site "allied": auzziejay.com

3) Search engine for old-internet results: wiby.org

4) Search engine for old-internet results: webcrawler.com

5) Search engine that, at least momentarily, is one I believe tries to mitigate climate change: ecosia.org

6) Huge collection of 88x31 gifs, free to use (as far as I know): cyber.dabamos.de/88x31/index.html

7) Something that is like TVtropes, but not owned by the capitalists and psychopaths: allthetropes

8) Awesome political test: infvalues.github.io

9) Another directory: peelopaalu.neocities.org

10) how-i-experience-web-today.com

11) Music (including 8-bit, I think) maker: jummbus.bitbucket.io

12) An archive for digital content: archive.org

13) It's in collaboration with (linked to) googletube, but when it comes to 2000s nostalgia, it's amazingly useful: www.my00stv.com

14) Some of the stuff I read here is, what I call, "great": marxists.org

15) Video site formed in 2004: vimeo.com

16) Video site nostalgic of old YouTube: www.bitview.net

17) Video site nostalgic of old YouTube: www.vidlii.com

To be expanded later